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Every business enterprise with salaried and hourly employees has a department, service or a person to process payrolls on a timely basis. However, few payrolls take the time and effort to audit the payroll processing to make sure it is compliant with the applicable current regulations while taking advantage of various available tax credits.

Most payroll service providers do a good job of getting out the checks on time but do not examine nor question various factors going into the payroll model. Accounting firms can provide a degree of in-depth analysis of sales, expenses, and profits – but normally do not question regulation compliance.

With Diamond Payroll Solutions LLC, your company can have an independent, Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) who is able to step in and run the payroll on an interim basis if needed. Or if you are fully staffed but don’t have time to drill deeper, Diamond Payroll Solutions LLC can perform a confidential payroll audit.

The audit objectives include evaluating the internal payroll environment and confirming the internal controls are in place and operating effectively.


Being “valuable” often relates to added worth, especially in financial terms. But, it also can mean the prevention of loss and the avoidance of legal actions. The state statutes and FLSA, as they relate to employee compensation, are an often confusing blend of regulations, rules, forms and reporting elements which demand compliance under penalty of the law. In that they are in a state of constant change and interpretation, experience has shown that many companies have current policies and procedures, which unaware to them, have errors and omissions resulting in areas of noncompliance and the potential of resulting consequences.

Value can also be added in the form of tax credits, exemptions, incentives and streamlining the reporting process to enhance profitability. With knowledge relating to federal, state and local requirements, a nominal investment in Diamond Payroll Solutions LLC can result in valuable company dividends. The service is affordable, non-intrusive and of a limited time duration.


Diamond Payroll Solutions LLC focuses on people, proven solutions, and complete value. Why settle for less when you can have rare and valuable expertise at your fingertips?

The objective of Diamond Payroll Solutions LLC is to provide a unique payroll service for small to mid-sized companies, which is not readily available without going through a temporary agency. In addition to providing interim payroll support, Diamond Payroll Solutions LLC is able to provide a methodical examination to review current payroll policies and procedures in order to identify real and potential deficiencies, which will require management review.

The results of such work is a detailed report indicating what was investigated, what governmental rules were applied and the degree and extent of compliance findings and recommendations. This report is provided, along with a verbal presentation, to the designated company person responsible for payroll compliance review.

Understanding direct costs associated with payroll can provide a business manager with the peace of mind in knowing that their payroll management is being handled accurately.

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